50mph Electric Jetski (Video)

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Silent, Fast, Emission-free Jetski
Jetskis don't often make the pages of TreeHugger - unless it's Lloyd gleefully reporting a drop in sea-doo, ski-doo and ATV sales. They're loud, polluting and they are often used in ecologically sensitive areas. But it doesn't have to be that way. The ECO Jetski is designed to provide a 100% battery-powered alternative, reaching speeds of 50mph and boasting a battery life of up to 3 hours. Click below the fold to find out why professional triathletes are celebrating. Just like the Zero X electric dirtbike, the folks behind the ECO jetski are out to prove that emission-free motorsports can still be fun. They are also out to set some pretty lofty green standards:

EcoWatercraft is on a mission to reduce emissions. It is our goal to develop a customer base built solely on technological advancements and customer satisfaction. We will provide the most customer oriented experience in the personal watercraft industry.
EcoWatercraft will be the first American personal watercraft corporation. Additionally, we will be the first all electric personal watercraft manufacturer. We will employ Americans to build our ECO's in a facility that is 100% powered from renewable sources of energy.
EcoWatercraft will host workshops and educational presentations to highlight the need for a sustainable "green" world and economy. We believe by following these methods we will inspire a need for change and build a company that will transcend the future of watercraft.

And it's not just jetski riders who are excited about the ECO jetski - those in the water are pretty pleased too. In fact, the company is run by triathletes who were looking for emission-free training vehicles. Check out Lewis Elliot, head of PR and marketing, as he espouses the virtues of the ECO: