Hidden Camera Reveals True Identity of 'Ghost' in U.K. Man's Tool Shed

A creature is seen carrying metal bits into a bin. Snapshot from YouTube/ITV News

For weeks, it seemed Bill Mckears' tool shed was being haunted by a most mischievous spirit.

The 72-year-old from Severn Beach, U.K., kept waking up to find metal parts — screws and scraps mostly — in a box containing bird feed.

Mckears dutifully took the errant bits out of the box and put them back where they belonged. And just as regularly, they would end up back in the bird feed box.

Worse, as time went on, the objects in the box became more bizarre — one day, Mckears found a bit of heavy chain inside.

"I thought 'There's something funny going on here'," Mckears told the BBC. "I'd never had a ghost in the shed before.

"I was worried; I'm 72 and you hear of things going wrong with 72-year-old gentlemen in the mind."

But this pensioner had a neighbor with something of a passion for surveillance. He wasn't exactly a ghost buster, but Rodney Holbrook did keep a lot of cameras on hand — trail cams mostly, for observing animals in the wild.

He was the first call Mckears made.

"He had a problem in this shed that he needed to resolve," Holbrook tells MNN. "He said he had this strange happening going on. He kept emptying all this metal out of this tub — and it keeps coming back in."

"I said, ‘What I'll do is set up my trail camera and see what I capture there'."

Close-up of a mouse's tail.
The restless 'ghost' turned out to be a very busy mouse. schankz/Shutterstock

It didn't take long for the restless spirit to reveal itself. A tiny mouse was caught on camera working feverishly to haul all the metal pieces from the workbench into the plastic tub. The mouse tirelessly carried heavy metal — although some of it was just too big and heavy for him — into the crate.

After watching the video, Holcomb figured the mouse was trying to hide the stash of food he had found from other critters. You might imagine what a goldmine it must have seemed to come across a bin full of nuts.

And the mouse likely has a family to feed.

"We think it has got a partner actually," Holbrook says. "In one of the videos I've got, it looks like another one in the background just moves past."

The mouse has since been captured on video several times going about his strange business. And there are no plans to evict him.

For now, these friends are just going to enjoy the show.

Since it was posted, the video, (you can watch it below or here) has gone viral, with the story making headlines around the world.

Holbrook suggests this unnamed shed critter may now be the most famous mouse in the world.

"Mickey Mouse has gone into second place now," he says with a laugh.