10 Most Popular Houseplants on Instagram

Close up of a monstera leaf

Jena Ardell / Getty Images 

Need some houseplant inspiration? These are the plants getting the most love on Instagram.

Humans have been bringing the outdoors in by means of potted plants for millennia – and is it any wonder? Plants give us something to nurture, while nurturing us back in return. While the popularity of houseplants has waxed and waned over the years, they are notably en vogue now, especially with younger generations – which might explain why houseplants have bloomed so prevalently on Instagram.

Among the plethora of plants of Instagram, the UK-based site, Internet Gardener was curious about which ones in particular were the most beloved, so they decided to crunch some numbers.

They found the top 50 posts from almost 6.1 million images featuring the hashtags: #Houseplants, #Plantstagram, #PlantsofInstagram, #PlantParenthood, and #PlantsMakePeopleHappy. They then figured out the top 10 plants featured most frequently, what percentage of Instagram's top plant posts they make up, and how many likes a post with that plant species had on average. The following were the most popular.

10. Rubber plant:

Ficus elastica (2.24%, 475 average likes per post)

rubber plants growing in three pots
@giardinodellamamma / Instagram

9. String of pearls:

Senecio rowleyanus (2.24%, 256 average likes per post)

string of pearls
@andreasjungle / Instagram

8. String of hearts:

Ceropegia woodii (2.52%, 1243 average likes per post)

string of hearts trailing on carpet from a planter
@oakplant / Instagram

7. False shamrock:

Oxalis triangularis (2.52%, 1091 average likes per post)

false shamrock
@plantmum_86 / Instagram

6. Hedge cactus:

Cereus hildmannianus (2.82%, 180 average likes per post)

several cacti growing in clay pots
@terrapod / Instagram

5. Boston fern:

Nephrolepis exaltata (3.64%, 164 average likes per post)

large bosten fern growing in a hanging planter
@ohiotropics / Instagram

4. Devil’s ivy:

Epipremnum aureum (4.2%, 220 average likes per post)

devil's ivy in a hanging planter
@thisbedroomplant / Instagram

3. Chinese money plant:

Pilea peperomioides (4.48%, 2001 average likes per post)

man holding chinese money plant in a ceramic pot
@lepetitgarden.co / Instagram

2. Princess-blue:

Echeveria (7.0%, 1395 average likes per post)

Collection of succulents ready to be planted
@fairymagicalplants / Instagramm 

© @fairymagicalplants

1. Swiss cheese plant:

Monstera deliciosas (7.28%, 745 average likes per post)

Monstera plant in a pot on the floor
@glam_plantsmx / Instagram