This Is the Healthiest State in the US

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A health foundation ranked all 50. Guess which one came out on top?

If you're wondering how healthy your state is, good news. The United Health Foundation ranks the 50 states from healthiest to least healthy every year. The Northeast did pretty well — Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont all placed in the top five. But the winner this year was ...


Yes, folks on the beautiful tropical island are also the most healthy because life just isn't fair. Hawaii's been in the top spot nine times since 1990. According to the study, Hawaiians are slim, don't tend to smoke and have calmer minds. Hawaii also has way less air pollution than the continent, and there are a ton of doctors there. Or as United Health Foundations put it:

Low prevalence of obesity at 23.8 percent of adults, compared with 31.3 percent nationally.
- Low prevalence of smoking at 12.8 percent of adults, compared with 17.1 percent nationally.
- Low disparity in health status with a 13.3 percentage point difference in high health status between those with and without a high school education, compared with 29.9 percentage points nationally.
- Low levels of air pollution at 5.8 micrograms of fine particles per cubic meter, compared with 8.4 micrograms nationally.
- Low prevalence of frequent mental distress at 9.5 percent of adults, compared with 12.4 percent nationally.
- High number of primary care physicians at 187.6 per 100,000 population, compared with 156.7 per 100,000 nationally.

Just one more reason to move to Hawaii. Or to stop the rest of the states from polluting so much and providing unequal healthcare. Either way.