6 of the Most Clever Home Aquariums

A beautiful DIY aquascape. (Photo: Gergely Hideg/Flickr)

While many people who keep fish as pets are content with a simple fish bowl with pebbles, some seaweed and an obligatory treasure chest, there are others who take home aquariums to an entirely new level.

Indeed, the art of decorating these underwater habitats is quite serious; consider the aquascaping competitions in which meticulously cultivated fish tanks vie for top honors

And since the fish couldn't care less whether they share their homes with plastic Spongebob figurines or fancy marine plants, the options for designing these habitats are limitless. Here's a collection of some of the most innovative home aquariums we've ever seen:

Minimalist aquarium

It's important to design your aquarium in such a way that allows the inhabitants ample stimulation as well as hiding spaces. But that doesn't mean you have to fill it to the brim with kitschy sunken pirate ships or clashing colors. If you prefer a more simple and clean aesthetic, take a page from the gorgeous waterscape above, which uses stark white elements as a balance for the aquarium's organic greenery.

Super Mario Bros. aquarium

Here's a fish tank that will appeal to anyone who played Super Mario Bros as a kid! Because early video games are heavy on blocky pixel art, making a Mario-themed fish tank is easy to do if you have some old Lego blocks laying around. You can even use PVC piping to create the iconic green warp pipes!

Waterfall aquarium

A waterfall underneath the water? How is that possible?! Believe it or not, it's quite simple. The waterfall you see in this film is actually a sandfall. Want to incorporate this clever illusion in your own fish tank? Here's a tutorial that explains how to set up a sandfall.


It's been nearly two decades since Apple first released those iconic, candy-colored iMacs, and these days, they're nothing short of retro. Many people have been looking for ways to upcycle the vibrant monitors. One of the most popular ideas is to transform one into DIY pets bed, but why should cats and small dogs have all the fun? Enter the iMacAquarium. These colorful abodes make a wonderful fish habitat and a terrific conversation starter to boot!

Volcanic reef aquarium

Who says an aquarium can only be underwater? The design of this fish tank is inspired by the real-life coral ecosystems that naturally form around volcanic hotspots. Instead of spewing lava, however, this aquarium's "volcano" is equipped with waterfall spigots that cascade down the exposed rock structure into the tank.

'Star Wars' aquarium

The "Star Wars" films have been captivating audiences for more than 40 years, and with the most recent reboot, that admiration shows no signs of abating. Just take a look at this aquarium! Festooned with some of the franchise's most iconic characters, it's safe to say the force is strong with this tank.