Most Appalling of Show: The Zurn Bariatric Toilet

zurn toilet bariatric image
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Images credit Lloyd Alter

We all know that America and the world are getting fatter, but I didn't know that they are even now making special toilets to deal with the problem. In fact it is, um, an expanding market; The Zurn Bariatric wall hung flush valve toilet can hold up to a thousand pounds, and comes with a toilet seat that is 26 inches wide by 27 inches deep.

zurn toilet bariatric instructions

I cannot figure out why it is at a green building show, although the fact that it has a 1.6 gallon flush, which I find pretty amazing for a toilet that size.

zurn toilet bariatric side view

This is for permanent installation, needing a special closet carrier frame in the wall to guarantee against "against catastrophic load failure". I can just imagine. Over at the Poop Project, they show the toilet in use.