Morgan to Develop Fuel Cell Sports Car

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Morgan, producer of legendary British sports cars, has announced development of a hydrogen fuel cell powered car based upon it's existing Aero 8 model (pictured). Now this is sure to create some green demand among the Wall Street crowd. 'Let a Chinese oil company buy up our oil reserves; who cares, my bonus will let me get one of these!'

Unless, it's about that throaty roar-r-r-r, and nothing more.A few excerpts from From the London Sunday Times: "Morgan engages eco-overdrive" - 20 June 2005

"If it succeeds, the project could help to solve one of the most challenging tasks facing the modern motor industry: how to keep making cars that are fun and fast while also meeting rapidly growing concerns over damage to the environment".

"Charles Morgan, corporate strategy director of the Morgan Motor Company and project director of LIFEcar, the name for the new vehicle, said: "We accept the problems of climate change and think that it would be irresponsible for any manufacturer not to act.""

"Fuel cells can deliver high top speeds but the way they work makes it difficult to generate the surges of power needed to accelerate hard and so impress would-be buyers. Morgan and its partners plan to solve this problem using powerful capacitors, devices which store electricity and then release it rapidly".