More Than 200 Tornadoes Have Ravaged the U.S. In the Last 12 Days

A tornado damaged many of the homes in Linwood, Kansas. (Photo: Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)

Depending on where you live in the U.S., May is often peak time for tornado season. This year is no exception.

At least 225 tornadoes have been confirmed since May 17 throughout much of the U.S. in places like Missouri, Kansas and Ohio. With more than 400 tornado reports noted by the National Weather Service since then, those tallies are sure to grow, reports The Washington Post.

According to the National Weather Service, 38 people have died so far from tornadoes in 2019 and seven of those deaths have happened in May. Tornadoes have been reported throughout Texas to Colorado, through the Midwest and in many parts of the East Coast and South. Tornadoes are difficult to predict and patterns in their behavior are difficult to pin down. The only common thread this year is the sheer number of preliminary reports of tornadoes and the diverse pattern where they are occurring, with the jet stream creating good conditions for tornadoes across many states, according to Science Alert.

Here's a look at just some of the devastation these storms have caused across the country.

A horse is rescued after a tornado in Linwood, Kansas. (Photo: Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)

Family and neighbors work with first responders to free a horse from water, mud and a tangle of trees on May 29, 2019 in Linwood, Kansas. The horse's owner Javier Campos said he believes a tornado picked the horse up and carried it nearly three football fields away from their barn, which was destroyed in the storm.

A truck is overturned after a tornado passes through Jefferson City, Missouri. (Photo: Reed Hoffmann/Getty Images)

A truck rests upside-down on the remains of an auto repair shop in Jefferson City, Missouri, after a tornado roared through the area on May 23. A series of powerful tornadoes killed several people in southwestern Missouri and caused extensive damage in the state capital.

A man surveys his tornado-damaged home in Trotwood, Ohio. (Photo: Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

A man surveys the damage on his home after a tornado touched down on May 28 in Trotwood, Ohio, near Dayton.

A motel is damaged by a tornado in Oklahoma. (Photo: J Pat Carter/Getty Images)

Cars sit mangled outside a motel on May 26 in El Reno, Oklahoma, after a tornado barreled through. At least two people were killed in this Oklahoma City suburb after a tornado destroyed much of the motel, a trailer park and a car dealership.

A classroom is destroyed in the aftermath of a tornado in Dayton, Ohio. (Photo: Seth Herald/AFP/Getty Images)

Tornadoes ripped through Dayton, Ohio, on May 28, tearing off the room of this classroom.