More on Raising and Eating Insects for Low-Impact Meat (Video)

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Video screen capture. The Perennial Plate

The Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

When I wrote about a food truck serving prehispanic cuisine and edible insects, some commenters seemed to think it was little more than over-priced, trendy sensationalism or gimmickry. But with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization arguing that bugs are the most sustainable form of meat, the topic of bug-based cuisine deserves some serious attention.

And why not? Given that shrimp is already a common item in Western cuisines, it's hard to deny that our aversion to eating other forms of bugs (most recently manifested in the cicada ice cream fiasco) is little more than a cultural construct.

At least, that's what those intrepid foodies at The Perennial Plate are hoping, as they pay a visit to David Gracer, an entomophagy (bug eating) expert and founder of Small Stock Food Strategies, and explore the theory and practice of pigging out on bugs.


The Perennial Plate Episode 78: Eating Insects from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.