More Grilling on the Go: Flat-Folding BBQ

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Perhaps it's that summer is in its final throes, or a longing for bygone salad days of grilling and chilling, but this TreeHugger seems to have barbeque on the brain. Yesterday, it was the Grilliput, today it's the lean, mean, flat-packing Fold Flat BBQ. This sleek little number looks perfect for balcony barbeque enthusiasts and tailgaters alike, folding down to next to nothing -- approaching that of a wafer-thin mint -- to both save space and make it easily portable. For those who are really in to grilling on the go, there's also the Carry & Go Briefcase BBQ (pictured after the jump), which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a BBQ that fits into a briefcase so you can carry it when you're on the go.

Both of these come courtesy of a cool site called Modern Cottage (who remind us that "there's more to life than shabby chic" -- indeed), dedicated to two of TreeHugger's favorite things -- putting a modern twist on living in a tiny cottage -- so there's lots more good stuff there. Both grills are available from ::I Want One of Those via ::Modern Cottage