More Funding for Green Jobs

More than $500 million dollars from the Green Jobs Act of 2007 has been set aside for green jobs training grants. (Photo: Andrew Magill [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

The Recovery Act, which passed earlier this year, will provide funding for the Green Jobs Act of 2007. Originally, $500 million was set aside for green jobs training grants. That money is still there but yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden, Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced that additional funding would be set aside for green jobs training.

“Donovan said some of the $4 billion from Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus plan that was budgeted to renovate public housing will be spent to create jobs for making the dwellings more energy efficient.” Source: The Associated Press

The announcement came during a meeting of the Middle Class Task Force, which was held in Denver. Although this announcement was praised by many as a step in the right direction, it did come with some denouncers.

Lately, a lot of buzz has centered on a controversial study from Spain that claims that country lost 2.2 traditional jobs for every green job it created. The study has been debunked, but the controversy about the focus on green jobs in the U.S. continues.