More Detail on Those Chinese 3d-Printed Houses

©. Winsun via Designboom

TreeHugger recently covered the 3D printed houses built in Shanghai from fiber reinforced cement but had limited information; now Designboom comes to the rescue with more photos and a fascinating video.

3D printed house

© Winsun via Designboom

Designboom writes, in their trademark capital-free style:

winsun new materials, a chinese company based in suzhou, china, has managed to print 10 full-sized eco-friendly houses in just one day. measuring 200 square meters and costing $4,800 USD to build, each dwelling was created in under a few hours entirely out of recycled construction and industrial waste with an enormous 3D printer. instead of using bricks and mortar, the system extrudes a mix of high-grade cement and glass fiber material, layer by layer, similar to traditional rapid prototyping processes. using CAD for the architectural plan, calculated tracing paths consider insulation materials, plumbing, electrical lining and windows, which can later be outfitted once the rest of the structure is assembled.

Watching the giant 3D printer squirt out cement and build up these trusses is just amazing. More photos at Designboom