More Biofuel Woes: One Third of US Biodiesel Plants Sitting Idle

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If you follow biofuel news on TreeHugger you've probably read about ethanol manufacturers not having an easy time of it in the past six months. Well, apparently Nebraska biodiesel producers aren't doing so well either:The Beatrice Daily Sun in Nebraska tells a local story on the woes of trying to get a local biodiesel facility up and running in the context of this National Biodiesel Board statistic: Of the 176 commercial-scale biodiesel facilities it has registered, at least one-third of them sit idle. In Nebraska (which the Daily Sun reminds us is the fifth largest soybean producer in the US), only one remains in operation, in Scribner.

The local plant in Beatrice, appropriately if plainly names, Beatrice Biodiesel cost $50 million and would have produced 50 million gallons of biodiesel a year, using soybeans as feedstock. Construction began two years ago, was completed, but the company went bankrupt. And prospective buyers for the property are thin on the ground.

via: Beatrice Daily Sun
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