A Monk Received a Traffic Ticket for Driving in His Robes, but the Internet Wasn't Having It


運転し辛いと思った事は無いですね。#僧衣でできるもん pic.twitter.com/fuZ6pMAeht
— とっしゃん@お坊さん大道芸人 (@tossyan753) December 31, 2018

A Buddhist monk in Fukui, Japan, was given a traffic violation for wearing his robes while driving and ordered to pay a ¥6,000 fine (about $55), according to The Yomiuri Shimbun. The police in Fukui say they are simply enforcing regulations that prohibit driving in clothing that could limit safe driving.

But the internet — and other monks on social media — were having none of it.

Monks around the world began posting videos on social media showing all the things they can do safely while wearing their ritual robes. They included juggling, jumping rope, wielding a lightsaber and many more activities — all of them more physical than driving a car.

The man who received the ticket is claiming that monks drive in their robes on a daily basis and that such regulations stop him from carrying out his memorial services.

The monk, in his 40s, was pulled over around 10 a.m. on Sept. 16 on his way to a Buddhist memorial service.

As word spread about his story, other monks began posting their videos on social media in support.

The monk hasn't paid the fine, and the incident could lead to a formal trial.

Yomirui Shimbun reports that the monk has consulted with his sect and would welcome a trial to demonstrate that he can drive safely in his robes.

After all of the videos posted on social media, the monk should have more than evidence to prove his point.