Momma Bear Shows Cubs How to Cross the Road

A rainy day at Great Smoky Mountains National Park may mean fewer people on the roads, but it's a perfect opportunity for a momma bear to teach her cubs a valuable lesson.

In the video below, a lone bear cub stands in the middle of the road in near Cades Cove when its momma and siblings come out of the woods.

The mom quickly turns this into a teaching moment, showing the cubs how to quickly get out of the road, which can be a dangerous place.

It also serves as a great reminder to humans to drive slowly when taking a trip to a popular park where protected species roam.

Another example of a momma bear teaching her cubs about roads comes in the video below, recorded by Rebecca Connell in Cades Cove on a sunnier day.

We don't know if it's the same family from the first video or not, but the lesson is as adorable as ever.

The mom waits for her cubs this time around and leads them quickly across the street. The cubs almost frolic in a playful fashion, even while mom displays a serious demeanor about staying safe.