Mom and Son Face Off With the Law for Biking to School

Confusion about road laws in conjunction with poor urban planning has resulted in kids not being allowed to bike to school in one district in Saratoga Springs. (Photo: Dasha Rosato/Shutterstock)

In stark contrast to Copenhagen (where more than half the residents travel by bike), one school district in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., created a policy that prohibits biking and walking to school.

Though Janette Marino and her son, Adam, were warned prior to the first day of school, they rode in defiance anyway only to be greeted by an unhappy group of school administrators and a state trooper.

The school cited dangerous road conditions on Route 9, which leads to the school, as a primary reason for the policy, even though the road in question is currently designated as an official "bike route."

Janette made it clear that her son feels "pretty strongly" about biking to school. She explains, "I think it’s my parental right to transport my child to school in the way I deem is appropriate. I think the district is usurping its authority by telling me that I can’t."

The policy is currently under review, but the whole situation points clearly to the immense lack of foresight we have here in the U.S. regarding urban and suburban planning. It's a sad day in America when a kid can't bike to school.

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