xbo Mobile Unit Sticks Is A Minimalist Classic

xbo mobile unit minimalist classic modular prefab photo

Photos credit 70°N arkitektur Bent Raanes

One of the wonderful things about Architizer, the " open community created by architects for architects", is that so many projects turn up that one may have missed the first time around. A good example is the XBO Mobile Unit, submitted by Norwegian firm 70 N arkitektur as.. It's a two part 10'-6" modular design that was built in 2004.

xbo mobile unit minimalist classic modular prefab photo

The architects write on their website:

The xbo is primarily a result of the Rotterdam based project 'PARASITE' (Prototypes for Advanced/ Ready-made/ Amphibious/ Small scale/ Individual/ Temporary/ Ecological houses). The idea of the xbo is to provide a mobile habitat for 2 young people on the move. The structure consists of two movable parts in sum twelve meters long, 3,2m wide and almost 3,5m high, the xbo is an attempt to keep things to a minimum, to stick to the basics and focus on the essential.

xbo mobile unit minimalist classic modular prefab photo

Today many people are economical prisoners in their homes. One way out could be to change our way of living. In a small house the focus is on what is actually needed. The house may be a tool for such a change. This means that simple and basic qualities of life is the main theme for the development of this minimal space.We want to use this tool as an object of investigation and discussion. Not only while it is created, but also when it is put into use.

xbo mobile unit minimalist classic modular prefab photo

The project blurs the boundaries between temporary and mobile architecture. On one hand it shelters all your habitation needs, on the other hand it is easily moved and it doesn't need any external permanent infrastructure. Its design includes large glass windows; birch veneer and linoleum floor, and provides a modern and slightly luxurious feeling.

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