Wendy Koch on the Future of Green Prefab

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Wendy Koch of USA Today writes Home builders see green prefab potential and talks to just about everyone still standing, including Tedd Benson, Sheri Koones, Preston Koerner, Michelle Kaufmann Sarah Susanka and Lloyd Alter. She looks at companies like Blu Homes, Living Homes, Clayton Homes and more. Whew.

There are a lot of different opinions and predictions:

"It's trending positive, but it's still a small niche market," says Brian Abramson, co-founder of Seattle-based Method Homes, which expects to build at least 16 prefabs this year.

Prefabs will gain market share "when the housing market comes back" and U.S. building codes demand greater energy efficiency, predicts Lloyd Alter, an architect who once developed these homes and is now an architectural critic for TreeHugger, an environmental website.

During the housing bubble, quality mattered less than a low price, but times have changed, says Benson. Buyers are now looking for improved quality, he says, because they plan to live in their homes -- not flip them as investments two years later.

"This is the time for off-site fabrication," he adds.

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