Wall House Available Off the Rack

wall house for sale photo

We loved the Wall House back in 2007, as did much of the design press around the world; now Chilean architects FAR frohn&rojas; are selling the plans and specifications to anyone who wants them.

"Our clients — being very enthusiastic about their new environment — felt the urge to share their experience and encouraged us to offer the Wall House architecture to others appreciative of its special atmosphere. Surprised and intrigued, we found ourselves asking "why not?" and decided to put the ideas of the Wall House "out there", giving interested future homeowners the possibility to build their own version....This type of transaction is unprecedented in the architectural community; however, we are excited about the fresh and innovative potential of opening the Wall House to new places and people via the internet."

Well, if not quite unprecedented, certainly uncommon.


Larger version here

"Both an environmentally sensitive and spatially intriguing house, the Wall House breaks down the idea of the "traditional" exterior wall of a house and instead plays with new material layers to create dramatically differing aesthetic, sensorial and climate-based experiences within the house."

A schematic set of drawings costs US$ 2,335; a complete set with customization for climate and the right to build one house costs 7,999 euros or US$12,462. More information at ::Your Wall House via ::Archdaily

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