Vote For the Shed of the Year

tardis shed in shed competition photo

Garden sheds are becoming all the rage in America and TreeHugger has shown lots of them, but in the UK it is a highly developed art. They even have websites devoted to them like Shedworking and Weheartsheds, and a competition to pick the best. We have hyped this before, but now the entries are in and you get to vote for your favourite shed.

This year there are a lot of North American entries, it is no longer just a Brit thing. It is hard to decide because there are so many entries in so many categories (and instructions are not as clear as they might be, but I have to be polite because I am a judge) , but vote early and often at ::We Heart Sheds

TreeHugger on Sheds:

Friggebod - The Traditional Garden Shed Made Green
Nature in the Garage
Less is More: Shed /Shelf by Studio Gorm
Milton Studio by Cameron Scott
Kevin Deevey's Backyard Home Office