Villa Näckros: Swedish Floating Prefabs


Prefabs can go in places that conventional buildings can't; some even float, like the Näckros Villa designed by Strindberg Arkitekter in Sweden. It started as a project for a client but has turned into an industrial project; The first was built in 2003 and they now are for sale in two different models.

As is true in North America whenever a new prefab idea comes along, the problem is where to put them, and unless a developer puts together the land as well as the building then it takes forever to get a design out into the marketplace. In this case there is a pilot development in Kalmar, Sweden-"a floating residential project in the centre of town with the opportunity to leasehold or freehold. The project will be a guide for the future design and construction of floating living in Sweden."


From the website:

Näckros Villa sits securely and stably in the water with its 165 ton constructed weight and is impervious to wind, waves and winter ice. The whole building is surrounded by an aluminium-mooring bar so a boat can be easily fastened. The house is constructed to be placed beside a jetty or pier whilst the welcoming entry hall is reached via a jetty from dry land.


A Näckros Villa is constructed with material recycling potential as a starting point. New techniques and carefully chosen materials have resulted in a house that is extremely comfortable to live in and is in many parts recyclable.


Heating and ventilation
Heating is provided by a pump, which draws heat from the surrounding water. Heat is distributed through the house through water bearing under floor heating. Two-way air ventilation can be found throughout the house. As far as possible, the house has been designed to meet demands in respect of both energy and environment.


Electricity and water/drainage
In its base form, Näckros Villa is constructed to receive electricity and water/drainage from land. However, the villa can be designed for higher levels of self-sufficiency. All electricity cables have a reduced electro-magnetic field and are in halogen free format.

::Modern Marine Homes and ::Staffan Stindberg via ::Cube Me

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