Update: Green Base on White Continent


We have covered the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica base at the design stage, discussed its wind turbines, and seen its unveiling in a hanger in Belgium. It was then dismantled and packed into 106 containers, and along with 4 Prinoth tractors and 2 cranes, was loaded into Russian ice-class cargo ship Ivan Papanin, which set sail on November 6.

Inhabitat picks up the story and writes that it "is designed with the environment in mind. It will be built using eco-friendly materials, as well as to minimize energy consumption and waste. Furthermore, it will operate completely on renewable energies. The station will be located in a small ridge near the Utsteinen nunatak and a few kilometers from the Sør Rondane mountain range. The team will install eight wind turbines on the ridge, as well as approximately 380 square meters of solar panels on and nearby the station."


"Because using renewable energy is just one side of the equation, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica will use only 20% of the energy used by a comparable station. Heating will be done via a mixture of passive and active systems, including a heat recovery system that will take all the heat generated by the equipment and redistribute it around the base."

::Princess Elisabeth Antarctica via ::Inabitat

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