Trailerwrap: Converting Trailers into Liveable Spaces


TrailerWrap "explores the potential for providing affordable housing through the adaptive re-use of existing mobile homes". And a lovely design it is, with deep overhangs and clean modernist design. What it is not is "an adaptive re-use of an existing mobile home"- it is like those "renovations" where one bit of wall or foundation is retained to keep it from being classed as new construction but everything is new. All they keep is the chassis (which looks like a rusty wreck) and build new on top of it. And it is not a trailer- it appears to exceed the height and the width rules that would permit it to be transported on the roads,which kind of defines the word "trailer". We also suspect that it is not "simple, affordable kit that can be assembled easily by just a few people". We worry about the pictures of the demolition- old trailers are full of toxic mould and mousecrap and they are doing it in the middle of a park without masks or googles. Surely one of the benefits of it being a trailer is that you can haul it somewhere where its materials can be recycled or dealt with safely. If the original point of trailers is that they can be built efficiently in a factory, why would you renovate it in a park? We are impressed by the initiative of the students and faculty at University of Colorado at Boulder College of Architecture and Planning and the sponsors who helped, but wish it was a more realistic solution.....::TrailerWrap via ::MocoLoco and ::Josh Spear