Toyota does Prefab


When you buy a house from Toyota, it is built much like their cars. You have a smart key to open your doors; anti-vibration mounts between floors; scratch-resistant paint on the walls. It is built out of metal framed modules delivered 85% complete and assembled like toy blocks on the site in just six hours. According to Keiran Timberlake, they " built sophisticated IT driven assembly plants capable of producing thousands of housing units per year. The factory built housing industries in these countries have moved well beyond simply shop building house components using site-building technologies, and have incorporated CAD/CAM manufacturing capabilities, Enterprise Resource Management strategies and software, and advanced building simulation capabilities into their manufacturing processes. Consequently, they are able to produce high quality, high performance housing at relatively low cost."


It would be wonderful if: a) they put as much care and innovation into the design of their houses as they do for their cars (they have not exactly hired Tadeo Ando);


b) They were as successful in exporting their houses and shaking up the fat complacent local industry as they were with the automobile. Unfortunately they do not yet export. When they and IKEA do, watch out ,Farmer Toll. ::Seattle Times and ::Toyota