Toyota Cranking Out More Prefabs

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It isn't bad looking. It's a prefab built by Toyota in an assembly line with robots and conveyor belts, and comes with a sixty year warranty. It is fire and earthquake-proof. It will soon come with an electrical system that can charge up your car during off-peak hours.

According to the Wall Street Journal, prospective purchasers can step into an earthquake simulator " for a lesson in why a durable home is important in this earthquake-prone country. Other displays focus on how Toyota's car technologies have been applied to houses, including a rustproofing process that preserves the house's steel structure for decades; a device to quiet engines that can help damp vibrations from foot traffic on the upper floors; and a single key that can be coded to open both the owner's Toyota car and Toyota home."

toyota modern prefab photo

"Like its cars, Toyota's lineup of homes is wide-ranging, with more than a dozen designs. There is the popular Smart Stage, a conservative, 1,000-square-foot, two-story home priced at about $200,000. Then there is the sleek, custom-built 2,600-square-foot Espacio Square for the Lexus set that sells for more than $800,000."

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Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota Motor, "saw the destruction from fire of Tokyo's homes during World War II and believed that his company's technologies could someday be used to develop more-durable homes. "

But when the founder of IKEA decided to get into housing, the company looked at who needed it (single moms) and how to best organize it (apartments with shared community resources) and used their design and manufacturing skills to change the way people live. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Toyota used those fabulous manufacturing and technological skills to build machines for living that were not single family suburban houses, as nice as they are. ::Wall Street Journal via ::Jetson Green
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