Touring Blu Homes' East Coast Breezehouse

I look at Blu Homes in awe. I used to be in the prefab business and it is tough; in the past few years it has been even tougher. Yet Blu Homes started at just about the bottom of the housing bust and have made a name for themselves across North America with their clever folding prefabs.

Matt Hickman of sister site recently visited the new Hudson Valley Breezehouse in Copake, New York. and was wowed.

Although I’ve been familiar with the work of both Kaufmann and Blu Homes for a good while now, my tour of the Hudson Valley Breezehouse was anything but anti-climatic. It was coming home to a dream home that I'd never stepped foot in before. And while renderings, videos, and architectural photography do help to paint quite the pretty picture, they don't quite do justice to this specific home and its idyllic location.

The Breezehouse design, originally by Michelle Kaufmann and built in 2005 for the Sunset Celebration, is one of the smartest designs around, packing kitchens, baths and other smaller spaces into modules and spanning between to create the dramatic living space in the middle; the builder isn't shipping a lot of air. Matt continues:

Composed of two 49-foot-by-18-foot modules joined by a Breezespace (aka the living room) measuring 25-feet-by-20-feet, the home’s interior is equally lovely — plenty of natural light, soaring ceilings, and a spacious open floor plan arranged with communal shindigs and entertaining in mind.

Matt lists the "impressive laundry list of green technologies and high-performance materials", all pretty meaningless when you consider that this development is green sprawl in the middle of nowhere. But it is a great demonstration of one of the big ideas behind modern prefab compared to conventional architecture: that a good design by a talented architect gets replicated and refined, each iteration a little better than the one before. More at

Touring Blu Homes' East Coast Breezehouse
Matt Hickman tours the folding prefab in the Hudson Valley, the latest iteration of Michelle Kaufmann's clever design

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