TKiT Dream Becoming Reality: a New Standard for Eco-Prefab


The iT House by architect Taalman Koch is a prefab designed with eco in mind. The house is intended to be installed off-grid. Overhangs cool by shading the glass house, and windows and doors facing the breezy side optimize ventilation. Glass on the side with morning sun is opaque, reducing greenhouse effects. Radiant heat in the floors, solar panels (or wind power depending on the case): careful selection of the options deemed reliable by the project's Energy Consultant ensure results. Sound too good to be true? No, in this case the dream is reality. The construction of the first model, being built in Orange county, is well advanced. And the best news is that there is a weblog, rich with detailed pictures, documenting every phase of construction of the model house.If you want to go for a tour of the design options and intentions in the house before looking at the day-by-day construction blog, check out the link "What is the iT House?" at the TKiT house blogspot: TK-iThouse. The construction blog itself is a journey into the complications that even "prefab" can present--and, of course, a lesson plan in how to build the next one better. When you are completely in love with the idea, you can download the example budget, an option under the icon "build" at the TKiT "What is the iT House" link.

Via ::inhabitat.