TK Architecture's iT House

it house 1.jpg
The idea of an all-glass flatpak house that highly customizable, right down to the graphics on your wall is darn smart and very cute. The iT house, designed by TK Architecture, complete built on a Bosch Aluminum structure, offers a rapid-construction home for a reasonable price—about 8 weeks and $175k. Buys can customize the way their iT house shades the sun and screens privacy by selecting from several graphics and add-ons, and clever little enhancers, such as built-in hardware that allows you to hang curtains directly from the walls and ceilings are wise conveniences. At 1,000 square feet, the iT house is made of a public wing and a private wing, each contained by sliding glass doors, so indoor-outdoor living is a breeze, with a cozy little courtyard at your service. What we like about it: For the most part, the iT house uses smart, minimal materials and systems, like lightweight yet strong aluminum, radiant heating, excellent roofing insulation, wonderful glazing, and solar-powered energy assistance. What could use a bit of improvement: The graphic sheets that adhere to the windows are groovy, but made from vinyl. Kitchen cabinets are made from plywood with plastic laminate surfaces; these aren’t the worst materials in the world, but they could be improved upon. On the other hand, the house is built to California energy standards, so its guaranteed to be more efficient than most. Overall, we think the iT house is pretty darn prefabulous. ::TK iT House [by MO]