There's nothing new about streamlined aerodynamic transport trucks

prefab truckModern Mechanix/Public Domain

Mike's post on the new SuperTruck reminded me of this great image from the June, 1935 issue of Popular Mechanics, reproduced in Modern Mechanix.

It was part of a vision for prefabricated housing as slick and modern as any we see today in the pages of TreeHugger.

For the delivery of complete prefabricated houses to all parts of the United States, a special tractor-trailer unit is planned. The trucking arrangement is intended to serve a house manufacturing company in which Alfred P. Sloan of General Motors and other industrialists are interested. According to plans, each of the 1,500 proposed vehicles will carry one complete house ready for assembly, two drivers, a master mechanic and a building supervisor. Sleeping accommodations above the seat will enable the crew to travel night and day, speeding up the movement from one site to another. Local labor will erect the houses, supervised by the crew from the factory or distribution point. The houses, which will be low-cost, modern residences, can be completely assembled, ready for occupancy, in two weeks.

Both in trucks, and prefabricated housing, not much has changed in 75 years.

There's nothing new about streamlined aerodynamic transport trucks
A 1935 proposal would deliver an entire house in a super-slick streamlined package

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