The Wee House

The design-build phases of Alchemy Architects' Wee houses are probably a bit different than most that you've seen. The first step in the process, for instance is to "find a place you love." Step two is the Dreaming Phase, in which the client imagines exactly what they'd like their little box to encompass. The rest of the process is slightly more traditional, except that it's cheap and fast, because they can be theoretically placed anywhere accessible by truck, including the desert or the tundra. The prefab units, available as studios or one- or two-bedroom units, come standard with container (as in shipping) siding, a pine floor and walls, and Ikea cabinetry. Sure to counteract any McMansions in your neighborhood. Thanks for the tip, Michele W! About $45-89k. ::Wee Houses (pdf) [by MO]