The Travelpod: Prefab Mobile Hotel Room


Here is an idea for your next trip to Burning Man or Glastonbury: why get wet and muddy with the riffraff when you can see the show from your mobile Travelodge hotel room? It has all the accoutrements of their standard room, including a luxury double bed, bedside lights, duvet, pillows, fully carpeted floor, window blinds, dressing table & light, mirror, chair, flat screen TV, DVD player with a collection of DVD's, air conditioning, heater, bedside lights and a illuminated headboard, tea / coffee making facilities, washroom with bio-degradable toilet and washbasin with running water.

All in a polycarbonate box twenty feet long by eight wide, with great views if a bit deficient in privacy, and for only 26 quid (about a hundred bucks, the way the American dollar is going these days). Travelodge is having a contest, closing on the 30th where you can win a free night.


Wayne Munnelly, Travelodge's Director of Sleep said: "It is a great concept where guests can enjoy the festival, dance through the night and climb in to a nice comfy bed. Not everyone who goes to a concert wants to sleep in a tent - this is the ultimate budget fun alternative."


::Travelpod via ::Shedworking