The Perfect Garden Shed For America: Vostok Cabin

vostok garden shed photo interior

Images Credit Atelier Van Lieshout

I have often mused that the shedworking movement would never really catch on in America because people are so obsessed with security and wouldn't leave all that expensive stuff out in a the garden. Dutch design studio Atelier Van Lieshout provides the answer with what Dezeen calls "a mobile, indestructible dwelling with an armoured shell." It is made from recycled steel plates reclaimed from boats.

vostok garden shed photo

The Vostok isn't the warmest and brightest shed we have shown on TreeHugger, but it does come complete with wood stove and toilet. It is on show at the Cite de la Science in Paris until March. The designers explain:

Huge change is no longer in the past or future but in the present. Our society as we know it and have known to be safe is fast-changing.

vostok garden shed photo

Value systems of yesterday are no longer relevant. A new civilization is ahead of us. This ideological society offers choice; are we able to find alternate ways of living, another model or are our days counted?

vostok garden shed photo door detail

The changing climate, growing poverty, wars and more are only expanding. This movable nomadic dwelling unit provides shelter from this disconcerting situation.

Truly the dystopian shed. More at Dezeen
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