The EDV-1 From Daiwa: The Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic Expanding Container House

edv 1 post apocalyptic shipping container image

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Cameron Sinclair is so going to want 10,000 of these amazing robotic shipping container sized instant houses. EDV stands for Emergency Disaster Vehicles, but it is really a pushbutton house that leaves Adam Kalkin in its wake. It is actually rather clever; the lower level has all the complicated plumbing and hardware, while the upper level slides up to provide open space.
edv 1 post apocalyptic shipping container image

In just four minutes, the stabilizer feet pop out and the top pops up, providing comfortable space above and a kitchen, bathroom, office below. Also includes 2 Kilowatts of photovoltaics on the roof, hydrogen fuel cells, water vapour condenser for water, and what appears to be a composting toilet.

edv 1 post apocalyptic shipping container image

Daiwa has some experience in the field; they built 14,772 units after an earthquake in 1995. Those units have since been shipped around the world.

Really, I don't understand Kate Stohr of Architecture for Humanity. She tells Wired that For emergency shelter in the first few days after a disaster, the tent is a proven solution." Clearly she has never seen this movie, particularly the first two minutes, sort of Roland Emmerich meets Cameron Sinclair, who orders his fleet of helicopters into action, screaming "faster, faster, they need us!" They put the pedal to the metal and faster than the speed of sound, housing is delivered to those in need. Amazing. Daiwa, via CrunchGear

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