Temporary Shipping Container City Built in Amsterdam

James Holloway at Gizmag points to a shipping container project that I missed last summer, a temporary installation for Over het IJ, an avant-garde theatre festival. The architects, O+M, tell Gizmag that the project took four days to build, ran for two weeks, and then took two days to dismantle.

The architects write:

The brief was simple: use the festival's literal building block - the shipping container - to create the beating heart of the event. Besides the central hospitality space, the containers offer ample context for the theatrical artists..... With a height of four layers, the mountain of containers manages to justify its presence between the large warehouses of the former shipyard.

What is most interesting about this project is that it uses shipping containers the way they were designed to be used: stacked corner casting on top of corner casting. Even totally full, they can stack nine high like this. O+M have staggered them, but always place them corner to corner. Note the wires added as diagonal bracing.

court© O+A

It's not a real building, it's more of a theatrical device that defines space. But it does it really well.

In my post on a shipping container hotel, I anthropomorphized a bit when I said "shipping containers were designed to move. They don't want to sit still. The genius of the container isn't the box, it's the handling system. To there credit, O+A get this.

Temporary Shipping Container City Built in Amsterdam
O+A use shipping containers the way they were meant to be used

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