The Moss Backyard Office Is a Tank You Can Work in

A few years back we gave a Best of Green Award to the Office Pod, a lovely design for a garden office that was leased by companies for their employees as a way to reduce costs, CO2 emissions and attract and retain staff. Now designer Victor Vetterlein brings the idea to America with the Micro Office Systems Space, or MOSS.

I always wondered if the backyard office would catch on in America, discussing with Alex Johnson of Shedworking that "People are more security conscious and would not leave expensive hardware in a backyard shed." Vettterlain solves that problem by turning the garden office into a hardened vault of building that one commenter on Dezeen notes: "Darth Vader would feel at home in this."

Interior© Victor Vetterlein

The designer gets this, telling Dezeen:

The octagonal aluminium exterior would protect the unit from rain, snow and high winds. "The exterior of MOSS is hard edged to form a protective shell against the outside world," says Vetterlein. The "bunker-style" birch plywood interior is by contrast "soft, warm, and welcoming," he adds.

The designer describes the project in greater detail, noting how that it is more than just an office, but part of a delivery system:

Why is there a need for MOSS and how might it play a role in solving that need? Millions of people commute to work each day only to sit in an office cubicles working at their computers with little to no contact with their business associates. Increasingly congested roadways from daily commuters and the subsequent environmental damage from automobiles coupled with the happiness and well being of employees in relation to their increased productivity suggests that we must start to look for alternative strategies to the current office work model. For businesses that have individuals on a leave of absence with newborn children as well as employees who do not have to be in the office on a daily basis, MOSS may be one viable solution.

Moss© Victor Vetterlein

The general idea is that a company leases or buys a number of units of MOSS, transports these units to the home of employees to be set up in their driveway, backyard, or even on their rooftop. MOSS provides each employee a direct visual, audio, and data link to the main office and also a professional environment to hold small business meetings. The user of MOSS feels a good separation from home and work life while not having to commute to the office.

Section© Victor Vetterlein

The designer goes on to note that the unit is designed at 8'6" wide to go down any road, and can easily be dropped by crane into any backyard or on to any roof. A larger unit can include a toilet, holding tank and kitchenette. It's made with green, sustainable materials and the latest in LED lighting, but also a " wood stove using fuel logs made from compressed kiln dried wood waste."

On a more expressive level, the exterior of MOSS is hard edged to form a protective shell against the outside world. Whereas, the interior of MOSS is soft, warm, and welcoming utilizing bleached birch faced plywood and colourful seating cushions. MOSS is ‘bunker’ type architecture meant to provide a secluded and peaceful space in dynamic and fast paced world.

Add a gun turret outside that skylight and you're in the tank with the MOSS. More at Dezeen

The Moss Backyard Office Is a Tank You Can Work in
A new design for a backyard office you can rent is aggressive on the outside, warm and cuddly on the inside.

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