T-Modulome From Nottoscale Demonstrates The Evolution of Modern Prefab

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Back in about 2004, in the early days of the modern prefab craze, I first learned of Peter Strzebniok and his Nottoscale prefabs. At the time his designs were based on " a steel framework which allows individual building elements to be interchanged." It seemed complicated, and I don't think any of them got built.

But now Peter is back with his T-Modulome, and it has been built, with a much simpler structure, and a bigger plan, providing a good demonstration of how the industry has evolved since those wilder times when there was so much experimentation going on.

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The unit has grown to the almost standard three bedrooms/ two baths at a very efficient 1200 square feet. It is another lesson it took many years to learn; people always said they wanted the little cabin but in the end, three bedrooms, two baths and lower costs per square foot ruled.

The T-shaped plan is pretty tried and true in modern modular construction; it is efficient because it minimizes the amount of site stitching that has to be done and allows for a lot of natural cross-ventilation, although it creates a lot of expensive exterior surface.

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The building chassis is now made of structural insulated panels, and one has more choices in construction; where once the architects were interested in mass production, now Peter says:

We don't have one single construction/ manufacturing approach but that we decide what manufacturing approach to used based on the specific circumstances of each project, thereby ensuring that the final product is best suited to the specific site as well as to the client's specific needs.

nottoscale prefabricated housing hometta photo rendering

In fact, one can even purchase the plans at Hometta and build it just about any way you want. So where the Modulome was described in 2005's Best Designed Modular Houses:

Many architects would rather design one unique home than be creative for the general public. The architects from Nottoscale set upon these points with their concept of the Modulome, for which they used marketing and production ideas from the automobile industry. Modulome is modular construction system with prefabricated, mass produced building elements.

It ended up in quite a different place. The dream of mass produced and affordable modern green prefab has not quite worked out like we thought it would, but there is serious progress in prefab:

interloop hometta house

Through services like Hometta and Dan Gregory's Houseplans, people have more choice in good designs by good architects than they ever have had.

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