Summer Sights: George Maciunas Prefab at Maya Stendhal Gallery


Artist George Maciunas worked on the design of modern prefab from the late 50s through the mid sixties. " Designed for quick and easy assembly with a minimum number of components necessary, the structure requires no heavy machinery, and can be erected using local, untrained labor."

Now his work has been reconstructed and modelled in 2D and 3D, and is on display this summer at the Maya Stendhal Gallery in New York.


"Predating today’s eco-minded homes, Maciunas’ dwelling allows the inhabitants to control the admittance of solar light and warmth, simply by shifting a wall panel. Maciunas’ prefabricated housing system, in form, function, material, and flexibility, resonates in a contemporary culture that thrives on utilitarian, mass-produced products made to meet the varying needs of the individual consumer."


George Maciunas Prefabricated Building System
Maya Stendhal Gallery
June 5 – August 23, 2008

via ::Materialicious