Stroh House


There is a lot to like about Swiss architect Felix Jerusalem's Stroh House. It is built from prefabricated strawboard panels; the panels are protected from the weather by translucent corrugated plastic, a very thin and inexpensive siding that shows the straw below; the plan is very simple and clean; the detailing is really precise; it floats on piles instead of digging up the entire site; I love that clean interior with the suspended fireplace. The site has more information and videos, all in German.


One English article says :This experimental structure uses solid panels composed of compressed straw and wood particles to form the main structure of the house, alon gwith a small concrete core. The straw is low cost, environmentally friendly and a high quality insulator.


The exterior is additionally clad in translucent panels, which provide a vew of the straw panels and give the wedge shaped structure a futuristic sheen.


The house's simple formal structure focuses attention on the new materials, fulfilling the architect's intention of seeking out new low-cost building methods with broad applications.


::Strohhaus via ::Materialicious and ::architechnophilia