SODD: Sustainable Building System from Édouard François


Edouard Francois

I didn't quite know what to make of the email from TreeHugger favourite Édouard François, showing his new installation SODD. Designboom to the rescue, telling us that it is part of FIAC, an exhibition involving 210 exhibitors showing off 4200 artists in Paris.

The structure is made up of prefabricated wood modules and aims to create a cozy atmosphere without disrupting the environment, and appears to be the prototype of a proposed new building system made from sustainable materials.


The outer surface is a rubber membrane upholstered over over recycled cellulose insulation on a standardized frame made from sustainably harvested wood, with a photovoltaic skin added on top.


It is all standardized and prefabricated, so that it can be adapted to all kinds of buildings.


Even highrises. François says it is "meant to provide a new sustainable solution for the
construction or rehabilitation of homes, offices and equipment." More at Designboom.
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