Small Lot Prefab From Resolution 4


When we last looked at a modern prefab from Resolution 4, we got a particularly loud round complaints about it being a big second home and therefore not very green. Visiting Joe Tanney in his New York office, I asked if he had anything small, green and urban that I could show and not take so much abuse?

Joe explained that while they build their work in a factory to get the advantages of prefabrication, they act as traditional architects, designing for particular clients' budget, site and needs. Their projects therefore cover a wide range of sizes and degrees of green-ness, because everyone is different.

They have done a small house in the Bronx recently that is still hush-hush, but Joe did show me a 1750 square foot house for an artist that was built on a 20 foot wide lot in Long Beach, New York.


There is a pedestrian right-of-way across the property but unusually, it does not extend vertically. Therefore the ground floor is very tightly designed,



While the second floor can extend over the right-of-way.


The house as a ground source heat pump for heating and cooling, and photovoltaic panels on the solar canopy providing shelter on the roof.


We caught a short interview with Joe about the house.