Sleeping Around: A Shipping Container Hotel That's on the Move

So many designers are excited about welding shipping containers into buildings, but the fact is, shipping containers were designed to move. That's why they have fixed dimensions designed for freight, and not people; so that they can be picked up by cranes and plopped on ships, trucks and trains. They don't want to sit still.

That's why the wonderfully named Sleeping Around hotel is so interesting; it wants to move too. Right now it is on the Antwerp waterfront, but it can be moved anywhere. They tell Pop-Up City:

dinin© Sleeping Around/ Frederik Herregods + Persfoto's: Frederik Vercruysse

The concept is to recycle and reuse six, 20 feet-tall, abandoned containers in order to create an accommodation facility that is able to move and pop up in the most extraordinary places. Four of the containers are used as fully-equipped rooms, while the rest two are functioning as breakfast and lounging room and a sauna. The aim of the creators is to offer a pure, authentic yet comfortable and adventurous experience to the visitor. It is also possible to book the whole structure for a private event, such as a winter barbeque.

bedroom© Sleeping Around/ Frederik Herregods + Persfoto's: Frederik Vercruysse

We think green and employ only ecologically responsible materials. The containers themselves are produced in China, after which they are used for worldwide transport. As it is not always profitable to return the containers empty, they are often left behind in ports, including Antwerp’s. This unique concept offers the ideal mix of adventure and comfort at some of the most impressive locations in the city.

night© Sleeping Around/ Frederik Herregods + Persfoto's: Frederik Vercruysse

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