Skid Mounted Filtration Unit by Niro, Inc.

For the next step up in water filtration after clay and coffee grounds, this company, Niro, Inc. offers custom-designed membrane filtration systems utilizing microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, or reverse osmosis. The company Filtration Division designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs membrane filtration systems of all sizes for the dairy, food and beverage, fermentation and biotechnology industries. More about why this matters to TreeHuggers after the fold.What would you do with it that's "green". Remove bacteria without sterilizing for example. No need for chlorine or fuel intensive boiling. Or how about making soy bean curd or soy milk without raising the temperature and with less energy input.

Or thickening yoghurt without loss of culture organisms. Says its maker: "Cross-flow membrane filtration has opened the doors to a variety of new and innovative dairy products. You don’t have to look back to far to the days of the mechanical separator being the only means of harvesting a component of milk. Today, not only can we separate the cream; we can separate virtually every major component of milk through membrane filtration".

And for the raw veggie crowd, special designs are used for the clarification of raw fruit and vegetable juices (again no boiling needed).

A green machine of sorts. And its stainless, so it can fit right into a really big urban kitchen (:->

by: John Laumer