Shipping Containers Turned Into Shopping Mall in London's BoxPark

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BoxPark is "the world's first pop-up shopping mall", being built at the Shoreditch High Street station in London. It's designed by Waugh Thistleton, known to TreeHuggers for their
Nine Storey Apartment Built Of Wood in Nine Weeks By Four Workers. I am beginning to understand why I like Andrew Waugh so much; he is an architect in a hurry. He loves the idea of BoxPark because it will take three months to outfit a store offsite and a month to assemble; he complains in the video "in architecture things take forever."

BOX PARK 08/2011 from Roger Wade on Vimeo.

Developer Roger Wade describes it:

Boxpark strips and refits shipping containers to create unique, low cost, low risk, "Box Shops." Put them together with a unique mix of international fashion , arts and lifestyle brands , galleries and cafes and you've got the worlds first "pop-up" mall- so named because its basic building blocks are inherently movable: They can, and will, literally pop up anywhere in the world."

boxpark shipping container shopping mall image

In conventional retail real estate, leases are long and onerous, while fit-outs are expensive. With a shipping container, the fixed costs are low, so the developer can "give innovative retailers space at affordable rates, and on unbelievably flexible terms." The developer can also plans to offer preferential rates to local creative industries and organizations.

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Daniel Cooper at Pop-Up City writes:

The use of shipping containers means that units can be fabricated elsewhere, and introduced instantly to the mall. They are being seen as an ideal building material; they're stackable and weather resistant, and thanks to their standardised sizing, they create great modular opportunities.

A good idea for tough times: a quick recycling of a surplus product into space for new businesses needing low rents. More at Boxpark
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