Shipping Containers Top Off Artist's Studio

shipping container studio Maziar behrooz photo night

Images Dalton Portella via Archdaily

Shipping containers look so cute, and they are cheap. Maziar Behrooz built this beautiful artist's studio in Amagansett, New York using two 40 foot containers as the upper, above grade level.

The Architect writes in Archdaily:

The client needed an art studio close to her house (which we renovated in 2008). Her requirements were for a space of about 700 sf and a stringent budget of $60,000; and for a simple structure that would be both inviting and reflective. Our solution was to use two 9'-6" x 40' x 8' shipping containers (cost: $2,500 each, delivered) perched over a 9' foundation wall/cellar. By cutting 75% of the floor of the containers, we were able to move the painting studio to a lower level via a wide staircase and take advantage of a high ceiling. The staircase itself acts as a transitional space for viewing art work.

Besides 75% of the floors, they cut out about three quarters of the center walls and both ends. And, they are doing all of this on site; that is a lot of cutting.

shipping container studio Maziar behrooz photo plans

The result is very beautiful and iconic, and is showing up everywhere (so far on Jetson Green, Inhabitat, and dozens of other sites. That is enough justification for doing it.

shipping container studio Maziar behrooz photo side view

But is it efficient and economical compared to conventional construction? In this case you have to wonder; After the guys with the cutting torches were finished there is not much left of them, only an eighth of the usable floor area. But they sure are cute.

shipping container studio Maziar behrooz photo stair

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