Shipping Containers Being Used Everywhere for Everything

shipping container architecture photo sushi

Image credit DesignSTUDIO

There are so many shipping container projects around right now that it is impossible to keep up! Here is a quick recap of some of the interesting ones rolling in over the last few days. Jetson Green shows us the Sushi Box from DesignSTUDIO in Austin. Looks tasty.

shipping container architecture photo dwell

Image credit Jack Thompson

Dwell shows a lovely home built out of four shipping containers and a little glulam thrown in between them. Designed by Christopher Robertson, he tells Dwell:

"I've always liked them for their texture and durability," Robertson says. "The challenge was to build a legitimately sellable container house by making it feel like a typical home."

shipping container architecture photo steelspace

Inhabitat shows the Steel Space
A shipping container that can be transformed into a fully stocked restaurant, a kitchen appliance showroom, a compact traveling café, or even into a fast-food franchise.

It's from Montreal, Canada and appears to be little more than a container-like frame that is used for promotional activities. They say on their website that they are made from old boxes:

Steel Space's approach is etched in a firm belief in sustainable development. Steel Space reuses maritime shipping containers after they have been discarded, giving them a new life and customizing them to suit any brand strategy. Steel Space exploits the containers' natural characteristics. The 20 or 40 foot long units can be stacked like Legos®. ISO containers are modular in nature, and provide unlimited spatial combinations making it easy to adapt the structure to the needs of the occupiers.

But there isn't much left of them. Shipping containers are monocoque construction and get much of their strength from the corrugated steel walls. Take those away and you have to do a lot of reinforcement.

shipping container architecture photo thai

This wonder of a sandwich shop on a beach in Thailand turned up on my Google Alert from zerocabin, who interviewed the owner:

We spent much time talking about what, and how we were going to build the home & shop (what we called it), [and deal with] the small budget we had. We love the idea of reusing material and green roof building. So the idea of using used container came up because I remembered that 5 years ago I suggested to my friend to build a small resort with old containers, but never happened. We were very exciting about the idea which urged me to do researching and studying.

We used 4 containers. The two downstairs are for the shop, kitchen and storage, while the other two upstairs are for living.

shipping container architecture photo buckle

Australian Patrick Buckle built this lovely little one-container cabin and found that it was all dressed up with no place to go:

It might be 12 months late and no longer landing on our little block of land in the Blue Mountains, but we are finally at the end of the Transatron Container project. Due to changes in the Blue Mountains rulings on temporary structures shortly before we took this up to Mt Wilson we are no longer in a position to use it.

shipping container architecture photo

It is for sale, if anyone wants it; contact patrickb (at)

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