Shipping Container Repurposed Into Welcome Hut

levitt goodman welcome hut shipping container photo

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The Evergreen Brick Works project is a massive redevelopment of a former industrial site into " Canada's first large-scale community environmental centre representing a striking new model for the future--a heritage destination where nature meets innovation in the heart of an urban centre."

It is not quite finished, so they turned to Levitt Goodman Architects, masters of repurposing and reuse, to design a temporary Welcome Hut out of an old shipping container.

levitt goodman welcome hut shipping container photo

Project Manager Matthew Cohen is quoted in Archdaily:

This project is a wonderfully poetic microcosm of the Brickworks initiative as a whole," said Evergreen Senior Project Manger Matthew Cohen. "Old industrial material is given a new life and purpose through collaboration and design. It is recreated as a joyous place for Torontonians and anyone interested in green initiatives."

levitt goodman welcome hut shipping container photo

There really is not that much to it, and in lesser hands might not even be noticed. But Janna Levitt does it with style and humour, from the grafitti covered door to the rain barrel (how much rain does a 96 square foot roof collect? Not much.) Andrew Reesor (seen in TreeHugger here) and a bunch of high school students built the furniture.

levitt goodman welcome hut shipping container photo

Really, they could have just rented a tent. Instead, they are getting, as Matt Cohen called it, a wonderful microcosm, that will have a second life as a warming hut for skaters next winter. More at ArchDaily
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