Shipping Container Housing Fans Rejoice, There Is Now a Dolls House Version

Container doll houseModule R/Promo image

We love the idea of shipping container housing, the re-using of the ubiquitous box for different purposes from housing to pop-up shops. But shipping containers are big and heavy, and people often don't have anywhere to put them.

Now, thanks to the people at Module R, there are incredibly detailed 1:12 scale furnished models available.

Stacked doll housesModule R/Promo image

Module R writes:

The conversion of shipping containers into homes and other habitable structures has become one of the most intense areas of architectural interest of the past few years. Designers from Adam Kalkin to LOT-EK to Marmol Radziner have deftly adapted these modular storage units to new uses in eye-catching compositions that manage to combine an industrial aesthetic with sleek modern living.

Module R living moduleModule R/Promo image

Giving fresh meaning to the concept of a “starter home”, you now have the opportunity to become a patron of cutting edge architecture by collecting one or more of these 1:12 scale models of converted pods at a much lower cost than if you were building them at full size.

Module R interior livingModule R/Promo image

The detail is incredible, the interior design modern and tasteful.

SleepingModule R/Promo image

Here is the sleeping container,

Module R Interior bedroomModule R/Promo image

Gorgeous bathroom and nice art too. A bargain starting at $250; the whole set is $2,450 which would barely get you one full size rusty old 20 footer. More at Module R., found at NOTCOT

Shipping Container Housing Fans Rejoice, There Is Now a Dolls House Version
Perfect for people who can't afford the real thing.

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