Shipping container is converted into a comfy bunkie

bunkie interior
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Designers can come up with all kinds of great ideas, but in the end, they are all bound by rules and regulations. In much of Ontario's cottage country, one is permitted to build a "bunkie", or a building designed for sleeping that can have a bathroom but no kitchen, and is usually limited in square footage. But there is nothing that says you can't build a bunkie out of a shipping container, and that's what Daniel Kroft at Giant Container Services has done.

Their instant bunkie is built from a shipping container that had previously been used as a construction office, hence the smaller, high windows. Inside, it is insulated and finished in 3/8" plywood. It has a seating area, bunk beds and and a desk, and is topped of with solar panels that run the satellite TV and lights. The bathroom will be in a separate container.

Perriand© Charlotte Perriand cottage

Daniel says it is inspired by Charlotte Perriand, who designed a lovely beach house in 1934 that was reconstructed in Miami this year. That's a bit of a stretch; I suspect she would have preferred bigger windows and openings, as would I; what works for an office trailer doesn't for a place in the country. But it is a solid and practical bunkie that can be dropped anywhere for under C$15,000 (US$ 13,550). That's a good start, from Giant Container Sales.

Shipping container is converted into a comfy bunkie
Here is a simple conversion of a used shipping container into some extra living space.

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