Shipping container company builds its offices out of .... shipping containers

at least from the outside they look like shipping containers
© Ben Hosking via Designboom

Designboom shows the Melbourne offices of Royal Wolf, a big supplier of shipping containers for storage and site offices. Logically, it has been built out of shipping containers, rather nicely designed by Australian firm Room 11. Designboom writes:

20ft and 40ft containers are positioned to create four courtyards, forming a complete rectangle. the ends of each unit are replaced with full height glazing, while ceilings are also left exposed, covered with rigid insulation and a membrane roof. two steel vessels are set vertically, placed on end to create a narrow void with a skylight naturally illuminating the building’s interior.

The company motto is "You can do anything in a Royal Wolf" and I suppose you can, including removing the walls, doors, ends so that there is nothing left of the container but the roof. It is a lovely design but it also demonstrates once again how hard it is to adapt a box designed for freight so that it accommodates people. The containers are barely a memory here. Lots more photos on Designboom.

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