Shelf-Pod Built From a Lattice of Structural Bookshelves

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Images credit Kazuya Morita

When I recently wrote about Brickbox bookshelves, one commenter said "get a kindle! it makes moving WAAAAY easier!" Kyle may be right, but we will lose something when we go all digital, including libraries like this one.

It is the Shelf-Pod, a box in a backyard in Moriguchi City (near Osaka, Japan) by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, and was built to store and display a collection of Islamic books and art.

shelf-pod books japan photo

It is built out of a lattice structure of 25mm (1 inch) thick laminated pine boards. The architect explains:

The original image of this structure is derived from the Japanese woodcraft of Kumiko. The structural integrity against an earthquake is provided by a panel of plywood board nailed on the shelf. Initially, the horizontal resistant force guaranteed by the panels was examined in a real-scale model. Further to this, an analysis of the whole structure was performed in order to determine the placement of the windows and panels. The inter-locking laminated pine-board was manufactured precisely in advance and assembled on-site.

shelf-pod books japan photo

Similarly, the pyramid-shaped roof was assembled on-site, from 12 pieces of prefabricated wooden roof panel. The completed roof has a thickness of only 230mm and sensitively covers the whole space like the dome of a Mosque.

shelf-pod books japan photo

The exterior of the building is built using traditional techniques from Japanese storehouses, with a mesh attached to the shelves (they really are the structure of the building) and then plastered with clay and straw, and clad in red cedar. No Kindle will ever replace this.

sshelf-pod books japan photo

More at Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio; Found on HomeDesignFind
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